Why should you submit a sitemap of your
website in major search engines such as
GetConnected360.com, Google and Yahoo?
Do it yourself 100% Free!

Website Indexing

Every website owner wants to see his/her website in web searches to reach out the maximum audience are interested in his/her products or services.

The benefits of submitting your website on major search engines:

  • It is a free and permanent way of advertising your website displaying it under organic searches and not under a sponsored search such as Google, Yahoo and GetConnected360.com.
  • Low advertising costs and a high rate of return and prominent visibility in major search engines
  • Your new contents will not be displayed without displaying your website in major search engines through indexing or you have to wait for a crawler to come and bring new updates for the search engine. Waiting for a crawler is not a great idea at all.
  • You can wait for the crawler to come your site to update your contents in search engines or put little efforts and submit your updates through indexing in popular search engines such as GetConnected360.com, Google and Yahoo. If your website and new contents are not very popular or unique, the crawler may take time to make available for your users in search engines. We therefore strongly advise you to have a professional to submit your site regularly in the search engines to make your new content instantly available for your users. You can also do this yourself by following the indexing instruction.
  • Your audience will grow rapidly by indexing the website timely.
  • The spider may or may not know, if your site exists, so start indexing your site regularly for instant relevant traffic.
  • Search engines love sites who regularly update new and unique content, and make it available for their users. In fact, you help search engines to make their searches rich by your fresh contents.
  • Search engines will not send crawlers regularly, if you do not provide fresh content for search engines.

Why should you choose us to index your website?

  • We are the founder of search engine and know our job.
  • You are eliminating a middleman to reduce cost.
  • We are the underwriter and have written GetConnected360.com search engine policies.
  • We can professionally advise you, if found anything wrong in your website in the indexing process.
  • We will provide you advanced reporting to monitor your indexing progress not limited to number of visitors visited to your website through organic searches

What is a process of indexing your website on GetConnected360.com?


Free sign up by using the following link and it generally takes 24-48 hours to review and approve your account to make sure all the information are correct.


Convert websites into XML files and you can use the following link to create a sitemap.


Login to your account by using the following link to upload your sitemap.


Prices to submit your website:

  • Package One: $9.99/Month for one url and up-to 100 pages
  • Package Two: $19.99/Month for one url up-to 250 pages
  • Package Three $49.99/Month for one url up-to 2500
  • Package Four $99.99/Month up-to 10000 and will be charge additional$10.00 on every after 1000 pages